General Summary of Exercise Science

General Summary of Exercise Science

Fist one is about athletes of all ages report using imagery extensively to enhance their sport performance. While it was found that male and female athletes employed imagery to about the same extent, there were some age group differences in the use of imagery.

The second article presents the authors’ opinion on the article. The authors advocate approaches to stroke recovery which include intensive motor problem solving cortical stimulation during rehabilitation.

Third article presents a chronology of three empirical studies that outline the measurement process by which two new subscales were developed and integrated into a revised version of Dunn, Causgrove Dunn, and Syrotuik’s Sport Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale. The benefits of utilizing a multi-method multi-analytic approach in the initial stages of the construct validation process are discussed.

The fourth is aobut purpose of this study were to develop a notational system to evaluate passing, dribbling, first touch, and individual defensive skills as they relate to success during women’s soccer games and to develop a statistical model to weigh the importance of each skill on creating scoring opportunities. The notational system developed from this study provides coaches with reliable and objective information to improve practice planning and optimize performance.

The fifth is about this descriptive study examined whether the coverage of African Americans in the feature articles in Sports Illustrated during the 1990s was representative of their participation levels. Nearly half of the articles featured European Americans; about one-third featured African Americans. That African Americans were not featured in articles proportionate to their participation levels in the most popular team sports could perpetuate societal perceptions of the hegemonic domination of European Americans in sports.



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